Research Justice Vision. The Coalition of Communities of Color (CCC) believes that decolonizing data and research by empowering communities of color as experts of their experience and having the right to research, the right to know and the right to be heard is a crucial part of transformative change. 

The Research Justice Center (RJC) was formed to advance community based participatory research in support communities of color to advance racial justice through cross cultural collective action.  The RJC is operated within the CCC, and conducts community based participatory research for large projects, provide expert consultation to public and private institutions, and build the research and evaluation capacity of member organizations. For more information about our research justice work, please contact Shweta Moorthy at

A Framework for research justice*

Communities are experts in their own lives, possessing experiential, historical, & cultural knowledge which must be centered in any data research initiative. To that end, we believe that communities have a:

* Coalition of Communities of Color adaptation of the framework from DataCenter: Research Justice


The RJC is different from other research institutions because of its approach to research and commitment to the self-determination of communities of color in their pursuit of racial equity and social justice.  The following principles inform Research Justice Center strategies:

  1. Equitable Partnership – Equitable community involvement in the research process including prioritizing common goals, question development, planning, collection analysis, interpretation of data and dissemination.
  2. Community Priorities – Elevating expertise of communities of color, emphasizing community strengths, and addressing self-determined community priorities through research.
  3. Transformative Action – Enabling data-driven and community-generated solutions in public policy and decision making towards creating lasting change.
  4. Sustainable Capacity – Building long-term and sustainable capacity among communities of color to develop their expertise, define priorities and propose meaningful solutions which go beyond a single study.
  5. Transparency and Accountability – Commitment to a transparent research process, dissemination of findings and accountability to track implementation of data-driven and community generated policy recommendations.

For more information about our research justice work, please contact Shweta Moorthy, Researcher, at