The CCC advances policies in Oregon that have the best potential to improve outcomes for communities of color. 

In order to achieve our shared policy goals, we are committed to:

  • building the capacity of communities and organizations of color to successfully advance policy agendas;

  • reforming policy practices to ensure authentic community engagement of the communities most directly impacted by policy change;

  • shifting discourses to centralize the voices of communities of color in policy conversations; and

  • building partnerships and coalitions with allied individuals and organizations.

Together we can create a policy environment that supports all Oregonians.

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The CCC envisions connected, balanced, healthy and thriving communities. Our Community & Economic Development prioritizes two intersecting areas of work:

  • Anti-displacement; and

  • Environmental Justice.

In order to achieve our vision, the CCC works to:

  • Shift mainstream environmental discourses to centralize the voices of those most impacted by environmental injustice and climate change.

  • Build leadership capacity in communities of color to act and lead on environmental and climate initiatives.

  • Reform policy practices to ensure inclusive decision-making and authentic community engagement.

  • Strengthen relationships and partnerships between organizations and communities of color and other environmental actors and decision-makers.

  • Increase investments in organizations of color targeted to eliminate racial environmental inequities.

The CCC recently branded this body of work REDEFINE: The CCC's Initiative for Climate and Environmental Justice.  We seek to broaden the environmental and climate justice movement in Oregon so that it proactively advances climate solutions that close opportunity gaps experienced by communities of color in Oregon. We believe any environmental or climate initiative must lead with racial and economic equity, prevent harm, provide benefit, and ensure inclusive and accountable decision making.  Keep reading to learn more about how we apply these principles. To see the 2016 Redefine Principles, please click here.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the Community + Economic Development Program, please contact Maggie Tallmadge at