Formed in 2001, the Coalition of Communities of Color (CCC) is an alliance of culturally-specific community based organizations with representation from the following communities of color: African, African American, Asian, Latino, Middle Eastern and North African, Native American, Pacific Islander, and Slavic. The CCC supports a collective racial justice effort to improve outcomes for communities of color through policy analysis and advocacy, culturally-appropriate data and research, and leadership development in communities of color. 


Our Mission

The Coalition of Communities of Color (CCC) addresses the socioeconomic disparities, institutional racism and inequity of services experienced by our families, children and communities; and to organize our communities for collective action resulting in social change to obtain self-determination, wellness, justice and prosperity.

Over the last several years, the CCC and its member organizations have made significant contributions to the racial equity movement in Oregon by completing the most widespread research into the lived realities of communities of color in our region; co-creating the Center to Advance Racial Equity at Portland State University; and implementing the Leadership Development Initiative that graduates over 100 leaders of color every year.
— Carmen Rubio, Latino Network, CCC Executive Committee Co-Chair

Our Achievements

  • Establishing a common understanding of racial inequities and shared vision for change.

  • Building deep relationships with communities of color in order to collectively coordinate activities and strategies across member organizations.

  • Recognition and reputation as one of the Northwest region’s foremost providers of culturally-appropriate data and research.

  • Continually finding strengths in our diversity to advance collective agendas arising from our founding principles of cultural-specificity and cross-cultural collective action.

  • Track record and demonstrated leadership in working across sectors to advance racial equity.

  • Founding organizational approach and programs on a consensus-based decision-making model and transparency.

  • Strongly rooted in Oregon's communities of color with more than decade-long experience building intentional relationships across communities and organizations of color.