Climate Solution Legislation

The Huffington Post :: Oregon’s Healthy Climate Bill Can Lead the State to Greatness

The United States is on the threshold of greatness and Oregon may be leading the charge. 

While attention is focused on one battleground state after another to see which political juggernauts will end up at the presidential ballot box, significant change is making its way through city and state legislatures — change that has an opportunity to bring environmental and economic freedom, curb environmental tragedies, and provide justice to marginalized communities. More than anything else, it can provide a working model for the rest of the country.

2015 Oregon HB 3470: the Climate Stability & Justice Act

2015 Oregon HB 3470: the Climate Stability & Justice Act

Sets a framework to fairly phase out fossil fuels and meet existing Oregon greenhouse gas emission reduction goals for 2020 and 2050.  Uses multiple consulting bodies to develop an action plan and timeline based on best science and to provide social and economic benefit to historically underserved and underrepresented communities.  The action plan may include regulations and market-based compliance mechanisms, such as an enforceable safety cap.