Inclusionary Zoning

Oregon House Bill 2564A

Oregon HB 2564A is a priority bill for CCC. We support repealing the ban on inclusionary zoning—one tool to help jurisdictions ensure equal housing opportunity for all families and communities. Oregon’s continued prohibition of this well-established tool, continues to foster racial and economic divide, leaving behind communities of color and immigrants and refugees.

Communities of color are growing: currently comprising 25% of Oregon’s population, including 40% of children aged zero to five. Lifting the ban on IZ allows a tool to jurisdictions, should they choose, to promote housing mobility for growing communities that that have historically and are increasingly left behind. Lifting the ban provides a tool to address priorities tied so close to housing stability: reducing health disparities, closing the education gap, reducing income inequality, and supporting diverse, sustainable and community-oriented neighborhoods. Help us repeal the ban on Inclusionary Zoning, and support HB 2564.

For more information, please visit the Oregon State Legislative website.