July 2015 CCC Member Spotlight

Slavic Network of Oregon was founded over ten years by leaders within the Slavic community. Since its inception, Slavic Network has played a critical role in Portland's Slavic community by providing culturally-responsive programs that meet the unique needs of Slavic seniors, parents, and children.

Most recently, the Slavic Network of Oregon has focused its efforts on developing relationships with religious Slavic organizations. As a result of the intentional outreach efforts, the Slavic Network was able to provide annual programmatic support to 2,000 Slavic community members through trainings, support, and encouragement. 

As a grassroots community-driven organization, the Slavic Network of Oregon leverages the leadership and experience of the Slavic Advisory Committee (SAC), a team of Slavic community leaders with a vested interest in the Slavic community. The SAC team strategically surveys their respective community to identify community needs and develop culturally responsive solutions that meet the needs of their community. The SAC also organizes trainings and workshops for the community. As result of the Slavic Network's long-standing presence in the community and strategic partnerships with the religious organizations, the average audience for the trainings are about 300 people. 

Ultimately, the Slavic Network's community engagement efforts with community leaders and organizations has improved the quality of life for Slavic people in Oregon.